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Honda Ricer Kill


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my freind has a 94 honda hatchback with a built gsr motor with everything and we did a 5mph roll and i had a car or 2 on him by the time we were at 80mph. all my truck has is a catback exhaust and a CAI :chevy:


i got a gsr and ran a 14.8...in my del sol....there not that fast.

not many hondas are

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I have a honda crx as a dd and on the bottle alls it runs is a 13.8 at 99mph. but my buddy slaped a honda car together this summer just to drag. its a crx with a h22a thats bottle fed and it runs 12.4s all day long up here at 3800 feet. Ill drive anything as long as it has a gas motor.

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