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Slr Motorsports Tune


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I emailed them asking about it and this is what I got:


Hello, Our performance chips work by first recognizing the ECU or computer of your vehicle. Once this has been done, the software we program into our chips will allow for the change of your Air/Fuel ratio. You Air/Fuel ratio is then adjusted depending on the timing of you vehicles engine. Once the timing/air to fuel ratio has been set by our chip your vehicle will then see a huge increase in performance and gas savings. Our chip constantly adjusts depending on the time of the year also because of the temperature changes. That’s about it. If you have any more questions please feel free to ask!


SLR Motorsports



Their website says they gurantee the numbers or your money back.

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damm false advertisements...its too good to be true i rather save their $69.99 that it goes for and waste it on gas haha..but i do gotta admit it caught my eye wen i was on google and i came across the site lol

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