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Hi everyone. Im looking at knew trucks and the SS is one I am definatley looking at. I found a nice 03 SS with 60k on it for $14k. I am not to familiar with these trucks, so I was wondering if anyone had any advise or things to look for when buying. I have built a few trucks before (94 S-10 w/ LT1 350), but like I said don't know much about these. I was looking originally at a 3/4T Duramax Diesel, because i know a little more about them then the gassers. I have also had experience with WVO systems, and making bio-diesel.


What kind of mileage is average for the AWD?

I know the 6.0L is supposed to be a very reliable easily buildable engine, but is there a common problem I should be aware of with the engine?

Any common problems with the truck in general?

What transmission is in the SS? (i.e 4l80E?)

Does an 03 with 60K for $14k sound like a good deal? (It is mint, and all stock)

Anything else I need to know before buying?


And on a totally different topic, anyone tried hyrdo-boosting a 6.0L?



Thanks for your help everyone.

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only real problems with the awd is the front diff/ steering shaft..


milage and price just depends on what your future plans are.. IMO if your don't spend atleast 18+ on a SS your not really getting much of a truck.


Theres tons on here for sale.. good luck with your hunt, and welcome

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Try to get one with the BOSE, you'll love it! Personally I like the AWD... does add weight though (and potential for more repairs).


And look around at mods you want, finding them already on the truck would be a bonus. Example that I missed on: Same truck I have but the one I didn't buy had a gaylord speedstur! I won't be affording that anytime soon for this truck... :cry:

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