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Finally Got Some Hids


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damn man what are them 10000k? they look nice i got 6000k on mine a lil blue...


yeah they r 10000K. im going to get 10000k fogs next. i liked the 6000k but everybody around here has them i wanted to do something different.

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you using a storage unit as a garage ? :dunno:


kinda smart... unlimited stalls if you got the $$.

Looks great man, good match :driving:


yeah i always store it for about 6 months out of the year just to keep it out of the snow. Its my toy so i baby the crap out of it. i only put 1500 mile on it last year. when i bought it 2 years ago it had 44K on it and it just turned to 50k i dont drive it much. and i put 2k on it just to get it back to my home town after i bought it.

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thats what I was gonna ask too, haha...


I think it looks good, I have 12000Ks in my foglights they are bluer than hell too



Its not a storage unit it are garage at the apartments i live in they are all connected. kinda weird but it does the trick for now. until the wife gets out of school and we can buy a house. im only 23 so i cant buy a house right away like i would like.

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