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Road Blocks


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Just got warnings for no front licence plate, piaa bulbs for my signals/drls and no reflectors in my lights.

but i did get a $100 ticket for my tinted tails :jester:

last thing he said to me was i want you to fix these things and i dont want to see you again.

funny thing is we where heading to tim hortons and we seen him their lol

last time they got me for my window tint, anyone else get hit by any road blocks?

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It sucks and im sure its not going to get any better. We cant do anything to are vehicles without the law bothering you about it. i myself have been lucky about tint, my lighting choose, exhaust ect. but i have a few buddy that have been hassled about mods they do. but the officer usally give them a notice to fix it first before they write a ticket. sorry to here your bad knews. its called a fix it ticket and if you dont fixs it within 30 day they write you a ticket.

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are they just factory cleared headlights? I've only been hit by a roadblock once and it was still when I had my s10 xtreme. I had tinted windows, tails, and all clear headlights with chrome bulbs so you couldnt see no yellow or reflectors, and a window tint strip that was lower than allowed and no front license plate and didn't get one single ticket :)


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I like to pretend im shit faced, when im actually sober. assuming i have no where important to go


really cheap entertainment :thumbs:


good one, Ive never been through a road block while driving but here they usually do it at night to get people for DUI. They even bring in cops from other counties so you wont get let off if its your friends that are the cops there. Its a good thing im friends with some cops so they tell me when and where the roadblocks will be

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