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F/s: 2004 Ss


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Hey guys. Met a guy today with a Black 04 SS today in my home town. He is going to college here. He said he was wanting to sell his truck. I asked him how much he was asking and he said 11000.00. Now this truck has 181,000 miles on it and I asked him if he has had any major work on it and he said no. I asked him if he has any noise in the front end he say some whinning at about 60mph so that probably would be the front diff just guessing. Has the chrome SS wheels, interior looks good, bed has been spray lined, has a small dent in the passenger front fender other than that that's all I know. Looks pretty good. It doesn't have any mods except for the euro taillights. How much do you think this truck might be worth. I told him the miles is what's going to hurt you the most and that trucks are not a big seller because of the fuel prices. What's ya'll thought on this? Oh he said he has it on the craiglist in Jackson Tn with photos.

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I bought this truck from the original owner around a year ago then sold the truck to the guy you are referring to. I just purchased the truck back for $9500. Truck is in GREAT shape... The ugly euros he put on it will have to go... lol. He put them on there after i sold it to him.

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