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Front-end Noise

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Hey guys. Today my front-end started making a weird noise. at low speeds its just a off and on squeak but at higher speeds it a very audible squeak and a deep rubbing noise. All of it sounds like its coming from the driver's side front wheel. So I jacked it up just to make sure everything was nice and tight. When doing so however, I noticed there was A LOT of play with the tire. Fully bolted down I could move it at least a ince to an inch & 1/2 while holding the tire at 9 and 3.


I guess best case scenario is its a bad wheel bearing but im not going to hold my breath...


If you guys have any ideas on what it could be I would much appreciate it!


Thanks in advance!


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i had the same type of problem right after i had my brakes done. (changed rotors too)


almost lost my rim, then retightened it, and jacked it up and i had play with the wheels tight as can be just like you. turned out it was my actuall brake assembly moving. i don't know for sure what it ended up being but it was something to do with the rotor.

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Sounds like a bad wheel bearing to me.....




not cheap, but not too expensive either.


are you lowered? if not this may be the perfect time to install some drop spindles.

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Im starting to think it is a wheel bearing myself...It squeaks pretty much non stop now. But would a wheel bearing cause the tire to have a lot of play like I described?


Thanks for the reply's!


Are you rotating the wheel, or are you grabbing it and attempting to steer the front wheels in and out? If that front wheel is moving in and out but the steering remains unmoved, you have a bad pitman or idler arm......make sure to address it ASAP......

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if you are grabbing the tire at 12 and 6 oclock and it wiggles when you rock it it needs a wheel bearing. ASAP!


Yeah that is exactly what is going on. It had more give if I move it while holding it @ 9 and 3 but it does have enough give at 12 and 6 to worry me.


Everything is fine when I turn the wheel while it is parked, no shutters or odd noises. It only makes rubbing / clanking / squeaking when I am moving and it gets worse the more speed I gain.


With all of that does it sound like it's only a bad wheel bearing or a combo of the bearing / pitman / idler arm?


Thanks for all of the help guys! :chevy:

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