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Anyone On Here A Police Officer?

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well maybe you can answer my question...

i accedently cut somone off on the road and he then cuts me off and says he's calling the cops. i proceed to pass him and he follows me untill i'm goin extremely out of his way (bc i live quite a bit from where i was) and i assume he wrote down my plate # and gave it to the police. so my question is, will the police look into this at all? bc i honestly don't need any more trouble, i just got my warrant pushed out 30 days for an unpaid ticket seeing as how i'm out of work right now.


any help is much appreciated.

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i would not sweat it. first of.............


you accidently cut him off, its an honest mistake, you could not see him for several reasons, and im sure you fell sorry for it.




the fact that he then cut YOU off says poor things about that person, if he were really serious about it he would not have done that and would have just gotten your plates down, the fact that he cut you off is not in his favor.


so even if he did report it would not be for the best, for either one of you,becuse in the eyes of the law (listen to me lol :rolleyes: ) you both acted immature and irresponsible, im sorry but thats the way it is. :rolleyes:


so if he did get your plates down and call you in, REMEMBER ! you cut him off in accident, and he most likely "forgot" to mention he cut you off too, hell you could probably say you felt in danger of your life by his reckles driving and him following you so closely. ( i assume he did this to get your plates)


so dont sweat it!, and if even you do get called on it remember to mention the fact that you cut him off in accident, that he cut you off on purpose, and that he followed you very close that he probably would have caused an accident, and dont forget to be very nice to the police officer to, that helps


hope ive been of any help, good luck :thumbs:

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well first off its his word against yours so your fine especially the fact that he cut you off on purpose dont sweat it your fine. cops cant give tickets for other peoples words so say Im doing a hundred down the interstate and someone in a car calls the cops well I get pulled over and they say I was doing a hundred but they cant prove it so no ticket and thats the end of it just like your situation they cant prove you cut him off nor can they prove he cut you off so no ticket or anything.

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actually depending on state. i know her in jersey. if you call the cops with the info they will find you. and come to your house and issue you a ticket stating that the driver was acting with the law enforcement and can issue a ticket. i know cuz i did it to someone and watched it happen lol

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