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Which Car Would You Buy


Which car would you buy ?  

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  1. 1. 2006-07 Corvette Z06 or 2010 Camaro SS m6

    • 2010 Camaro SS m6
    • 06-07 z06 used with low miles

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which would you choose? they are both roughly the same price. low 40's for the used vette and mid to high 30's for the maro . used the left over money on the maro for some extra mods like a little forced induction.

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i do as well . i just have a hard time buying a brand new car. i dont care if im the first one to drive the car as long as its not screwed up . taking a 5k+ hit on it right off the bat sucks as it would give you a blower on it or quite a few mods.

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both cars are dope as hell. my choice is the z06 i am just a vette guy. partially because i have had a z06 so i favor them more. either way your gonna have a nice ride.

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vette, for the simple fact that the maro was just released and the kinks may not be worked out of it for a couple years....if the production lasts that long.

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