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Torrent Efan Kits At Ss Nationals?


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OK. I received a PM today from a member asking when the next group purchase on Torrent E-Fans would be, and I answered that because the last group purchase failed to get even 5 participants it was just not financially feasible to do another one again. However that got me to thinking, since so many of us are going to be in KC during Memorial Day for the SS Nationals, and since I was driving up there anyways, I could bring fan kits without charging boxing, shipping, insurance, etc etc and this would knock $25 off the price of the kits...


So - this is what I am thinking/asking:


Would anyone be interested in purchasing an efan kit and taking delivery of it during the SS Nationals event in KC? The cost for the kit would be $25 less ($525 per kit) and I will be happy to help you install the kit right there at the event. That means you would get the full Torrent EFan kit for $525 installed.


You would have to upgrade your PCM tune prior to the KC SS Nationals event, by enabling the EFan control functionality. Optionally, you should also upgrade to a 145-amp (or larger) alternator.


Let me know if anyone is interested, who the hell knows - maybe if there is enough PAID interest I can afford another large run of materials and pass on those savings in a group purchase. But if not, at least you can get these fans at the best price I can offer and also get help installing them. :cool:


CONTACT ME IF INTERESTED, don't just sit there until the last moment!!! My cel is 254-413-3733, and if I cannot answer the phone just leave a text message and I will return your call.


Mr. P. :)

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Mr P.

Let me see what my funds are like as I will be installing a Radix kit next week, your fan kit is def on my to do list in the very near future.I know a few guys that may be able topick up the fan for me as I am not going to that event if everything goes as planned for the both of us.I will contact you as soon as I know more.


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