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Roll Pan And Exhuast Tips For Sale


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FOR SALE!!! BRAND NEW NEVER MOUNTED Carriage Works roll pan 6086 http://www.summitrac...ks%206086&dds=1 , and two Carriage works square exhaust tips http://www.summitrac...parts/CRG-5009/ and http://www.summitrac...parts/CRG-5010/ This is the same setup found on the rst regency silverado minus the wing. I even have the billet that goes around the outside edge of the cut outs on the roll pan. $400

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Very pretty setup, I like it very much but this wont work on an SS. FYI.......GLWS



Hmmmm Why not?


I was thinking you could have the two pipes that leave a new aftermarket muffler custom bent? Or is it mounting points that kill it?


Need some clarification OP

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so a rollpan for our trucks would be deeper? taller? I'm trying to picture...

they are wider than normal roll pans. thats why everybody buys the Bser pans cause he makes them by hand for the SSS. if you look in between you rear bumper and bed you will see where the cladding stops and it would look weird if you have a normal off the shelf roll pan on it .

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