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Best drop kit - Lowering - Performance


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Ok folks


Just a quick question. I live in Anchroage, AK. so the max drop I want to do is 2/3. What I would like is some input on how I should approach this. I want the best drop/performance package I can get that makes the truck look level and slick.


I have seen some Belltech and some Mcgnaughty. With differing opinions of both.



Enlighten me please with your vast knowledge on the best option for me keeping in mind the performance of the truck. I also dont want to feel the bump through my seat if I happen to run over one.



Thanks for your time..



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From what I have seen, the McG's kit would be the way to go. Although, I've just turned down the torsion bars, flipped the load spring, used BellTech shackles to do my job. Next is the rear hangers. After that, I should be at the same level as the McG kits.

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