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Vs 2009 Titan


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Well my buddy bought an 09 titan and has always talked about how fast it is, that its the fastest of all new light trucks and that it would kill my SSS over and over all day everyday wellllll decided to put it to the test. Same mods (in sig) but he doesn't have a tune. Went out to the quiet part of road by my place 10km long and went for it 3 time. Every time I launched harder than him and kept pullinmg away on him. Each race was a mile long to. Let's just say he was pretty choked after that and now is sayoing my truck doesn't count as a light truck ...... Ah well fun race

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Good kill!

Did you tell him how much this "light truck" weighs???


Was it a extended cab or crew cab? because the crews weigh more than our SSs and the extendeds only weigh like 50lbs less, and have much less hp. IDK why Titatn owners think there trucks are so fast :jerk: I remember reading a post once from a Titan forum about a guy complaining how he got beat by an SS and could not believe it


I knew a guy that, that always talked about how fast his Titan was an how it would blow much truck out of the water (He had headers, Tune, Intake, Exahust but it also had a huge lift and big tires), but of course he was never willing to race me.

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