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Un-Lifting V-Max


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My 2008 V-Max came with a 3" body lift and 35" tires. I bought some stock 32" tires and I plan to remove the lift. I know for a fact I need bumber brackets, but I'm not sure what else.


I do not have the stock parts that came off of it. But my friend who lifted his 2005 gave me his stock bolts.


Does anyone know if the stock body to frame bolts are the same size from a 2005 to a 2008?

Also, if the the longer bolts are threaded enough, could I just re use the bolts from the lift?

Is there anything else I need to know about that I might run in to like the steering shaft or gas tank hose? I don't want any surprises when i start this project.


Any help is appreciated, thank you.

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Just a piece of info only to try and help you. Might wanna check out GMfullsize.com. They are a lot of guys over there with lifted NNBS V-Max's who might have the leftover parts you need and the know how. None of us have lifted our SS's or VHO's to learn whats needed. But when you wanna drop it, hell, youll get plenty of replies and and plenty of help and hook ups! I do hope someone here does have the answers to your questions though.


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Hey man thanks for your reply.

I posted this with tongue in cheek, as lifting an SS is blasphemy, punishable by death in 50 our of 50 states and DC. But I thought maybe someone in the VHO/VMAX section might have some experience. It's worth a shot haha. I appreciate the help, I just registered on GM fullsize and posted my questions there.

I had some drop shackles on my old truck and it looked super clean. But this being a 4WD, dropping it is also blasphemy. Im gonna keep the leveling kit on the front so at least it's level.


Thanks again for the help! I love it here, there are some seriously dedicated members.

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when I wanted to take my 3 inch body lift off I didnt have the stock stuff so I just bought a 1.5BL and put that on instead. That way it came with all the parts needed but it was still much shorter. 1.5 body lifts dont look too bad and if you look around, a company might even just have a 1 incher.

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