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Little more go -- not much dough

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Ok, After having my truck for two weeks I've gotten all the appearance items I've wanted including Penda non-skid bed liner, Access cover, bed rails (the boy talked me into that one), nerf bars and air deflector. Shopman bowtie and wheels on the way.


Finding this board has gotten me thinking about some performance enhancements but the budget is blown. My only hope is to sneak in a couple of items before the Visa bill hits home.


I'm looking for suggestions on performance enhancements that are relatively inexpensive. It seems the PCMforless would be a good investment. Comments?


A list of mods, expected results and projected costs would be nice. Oh, and while I'm asking for the sun and the moon I might as well include the stars. Include the order of importance too.


Seriously, any suggestions would be great. The dealer delivered it with a full tank of gas. I was about halfway through putting 89 octane (10% ethanol) into the tank on my first fill up when I noticed the sticker requiring premium. I lost over half a mpg and got the truck just did not run right. All seemst to be better on my next tank with 93 octane but if I have to put that in I might as well reprogram it -- right? Anybody with input on suggested minimum octane for good running and mpg?






BTW, if you're looking for stock wheels check out the for sale forum.

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The consensus was to start with a tune and that's what I've done. Thanks! Take a look at my initial thoughts on the vendor praise forum. I really like what the PCMForLess reprogram has done for my truck and Bryan really was great to work with.


I'm going to pay down the Visa bill for now but I think I'm going to work on a little more throat out of my exhaust next. I've read a number of posts here and I know I want something that'll sound mean at WOT and much quieter at cruising.


I definitely got a lot more go for a little more dough.


Thanks all!

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