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78 Cutlass


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Here is my build, its a 1978 Cutlass Calais, i bought the car about 4 years back, it was my first car and i wanted a project,( i bought it when i was 15 im 19 now) i payed 1200 for it and this is what it has in it, a rebuilt 1968 350 rocket, bored 30 over with over sized cam 453 lift, double roller timing chain, aluminum high performance intake, holly 650 4bbl with electric chock, 400 heads, hooker headers with straight pipes with cherry bomb turbo's has a TH 350 with fairbanks shiftkit and 2200 stall converter, new shocks, new springs front and rear, new fuel tank, all new brake, trans,and fuel lines, needs very little body work, frame is solid, along with floors, truck, and rear quarters, whole car is undercoated.. looking for an 8.5 posi rear end out of a grand national or 442. because i blew up two 7.5 posi rear ends.it has vynal interior, power windows, bucket seats, floor console and rally gauges. here are some pics of the progress,....


plans for the car now is to get all the motor work done, then get body ready for paint. going to paint it black, with a black landue roof, 3 inch exhaust with glass packs , that come out right behind the rear wheels. making it look like a sleeper.










































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thanks man, i havnt worked on it in about a month i sent the heads out to get cleaned and had the seals replaced and had them shaved but will be workin on it soon. and will have tons of pics to sharepeelout.gif

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For a 19 year old you're building a nice project. Good call on looking for the bigger rear end, but post up the parts you've used in your current rear as you aren't making enough power to kill them yet. With an auto you should be good for 12's easy with the small rear end if you use the correct parts in it. It is looking great though. :pepsicheer:

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hey guys, i've been slacking on my build for awhile, but the past few weeks i got the heads mechines and cleaned, cleaned the block and changed all the gaskets in it, and got it pretty much put all back together i'll be finishing up painting the motor and putting the pullys and carb on ect. heres a pic for now,





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havnt posted any pics or updates in awhile, but the past week i've got the motor pretty much all squared away, just tightening everything together, and fixed my rear quarter, and upgraded the front control arms to tubular ones.. here are some pics, let me know what you think

















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Bro two things that can never go together.....sleeper and glasspacks..lol


looks good


sure it can, i think an electronic cut out will help me out a little lol :peelout: but i dont know if i will go with glass packs, im picky, i want something that sounds mean gives it a nice rumble,

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nice im going to look more into it, no leaks or anything?


Not on my TA..... Cops just let me go because it sounds almost stock but with nicer rumble just not loud......but hammer down she screams....and with turbo screaming too man it's an eye opener....I love it. It's a sleeper til the hammer falls



Oh yeah you can open it in stages too....1/4, 1/2 etc

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thats pretty sweet, i want to make the cutlass sound like a sleeper, and when im next to them ricers, i can open it up and see the priceless look on their face haha. but i would put a muffler on it, i have hooker shortys no cats, would put a muffler on it so i dont lose back pressure

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