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camaro blow out


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well.. i know for sure... i have te 04 ss... runs 15.00 - 15.01 w/ flowaster, pcm for less, and volant ram air.


my dads 03 z28 camaro is COMPLETLY stock and runs 13.67 -13.70 sin the 1/4 at the same track... on the same day...


i have slips to prive it... so im not too sure about the SS moking the camaro... no way.... at least not ours.

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my first question is...are you stock?


and if so my second question is...are you crazy? :confused:


before i bought my truck i had a 99 z28. the dealer let me test the ss against it after we bought it so the boyfriend drove the camaro and i drove the ss, sorry to say that both being completely stock the ss got whooped all THREE times we tried it.


first time i drove the ss, he drove the camaro. 2nd time we switched it up. 3rd time the dealer drove the camaro and the b/f drove the ss.


unless you've got some serious mods its my opinion that you couldnt have beat him. bone stock my camaro did around 13.5 in the 1/4 and theres NO way that a stock ss is gonna beat that.


again, thats just MY opinion tho.

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Fist off this is street and second you guys must have some lemons cause my truck stock was in the 14s.I guess they left the good ones in Canada eh.Go to Massena N.Y, cross the bridg to Canada and ill show u how we do it down here. :smash:

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Sounds like a story ... just like the guy I met the other day that told me that his bone stock 4100lb 1994 Impala SS ran 13.2 with only exhaust and intake mods (not even headers or gears).


Even bone stock, my 1994 Z28 M6 LT1 ran 13.99 at 101 on slippery GSCs and the LS1s are quite a bit faster. No way my SSS could keep up even with Volant box, Volant ram-air and PCMforless tune.


I do love launching my SSS in the rain though with the AWD. It is definitely not something that I can do in the Z28 and few vehicles can keep up in the slippery stuff.


Rick R

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