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2003 Ss Pace Truck


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Not a pace truck, its a parade truck. I looked into purchasing #15 of 30-50(?) parade trucks, each was numbered behind the rear license plate. Truck was in Ohio. The Nascar drivers were driven around in them the week before the race and in the parade.

This is the only SSS pace truck Ive ever seen.

post-19193-013500500 1320128201_thumb.jpg

post-19193-021662400 1320128214_thumb.jpg

post-19193-080373000 1320128231_thumb.jpg

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yeah cool trucks and nice price, if you want to collect it. We've got several trucks on this board for sale that I'd rather have. Rices red SS all tricked out and also super low miles, them Krambos 408 Black SS. Price is good for low miles, I just wouldn't buy it unless I wanted to collect it.

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There are at least 58 of the parade trucks. I only know this because I own number 58. I picked mine up on the Ohio and Indiana border a few years back.



Thank you kindly sir for the correction. #15 was a rust bucket driven yearly without synthetic oil which stopped the purchase of sale. I have pictures of all the AB Parade Trucks lined up (their in a thread on the site) for Indy but trying to count them is almost impossible. Seems like the majority of those trucks stayed around mid-atlantic states. Their was one in AK for sale while I was interested in #15.

Congrats on a true Silverado SS collector truck. :chevrolet:

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