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What'S It Worth

SS Silv

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The time has come and I am in need for an upgrade. I will be selling the SS for a 09 Sierra Denali. Just curious on what you guys think I could get for my truck.



-03 Silverado SS

-145,000 and in Excellent shape. Paint is immaculate, no dents, scratches, blemishes, etc...

-Interior shows some wear on the leather seats

-22" replicas

-2/3 lowered

-Pioneer Double Din, 12" w3, 600/1 JBL, JBL components

-Astro Car Starter

-CAI, Exaust



-I will be selling as is. I will not be removing anything from the truck.


I know aftermarket parts do not increase the value of the truck, but could help with the asking price, maybe...


I would LOVE to get $15,000 for it but not sure if its feasible.


I almost feel stupid for making a post like this, but would love your feedback.


Thanks guys!!!

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With one selling here with 117,000 miles for 12 grand I believe, you can catch 15 imo but would need the right buyer.

Your truck looks flawless, even with 80,000 miles more than me your paint looks better.

What type of service did you do like drivetrain liquids and filters? Serviced at 50k or 100k? I believe with strict service, and such an immaculate paint, I think 12 would be a great deal considering we are having more of these trucks crack the 200k barrier.

Good luck man, pleasse stick around u have helped me numerous times with your detail knowledge.



edit-how is the undercarriage and rust? I guess that is one big selling point

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well your truck is clean and these trucks seem to run for a long time as long as they have been cared for. but as for the price it might be a bit high but not crazy high. i think it could pull 14k just might take the right buyer. it just really depends on who's wanting it. good luck. the new denali sierra's are nice.

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I say price a lil high cuz you know your gonna get lowballed everyone wants to save a little money and if you price a little high you might get what you want but not too high you don't want to scare people away. Good luck with the sell I'm also thinking of selling my SS.

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Hell bring it to texas and you should get close to that for it. I see them with those miles selling for almost that much fairly often. I actually sold mine a month ago to buy a new body sierra denali but now I'm considering a newer ctsv or z06!

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^^X2! I was looking for an ss around the area and a dealer wanted 18,500 for an 04 with 96,000 on it. And i was about to get it but i got on ebay and found my 06 with 68,000 on it for for 16,500 went to cali and picked her up. I saw a similar one online at a dealer for 23,000 and it had more miles.

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