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Extreme Automotive Enthusiast Or..............


What's your flavor?  

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  1. 1. So are you a die hard Bowtie fan or do you like other brands too

    • Bowties only for me----nothing else matters!
    • Bowties and other domestic muscle; Ford/Chrysler
    • Foreign cars for me. Rice anyone?
    • Domestic or foreign----don't matter, just like hot rodding cars

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So who on here is a diehard bowtie fan only? I've never had a foreign car hot rod and probably never will, but I do appreciate all forms of hot rodding in general. As far as my choice, I like domestic muscle. My daily driver is a supercharged Silverado SS and I have a 1993 Mustang notchback with an F2 procharger. Wife drives a Lincoln MKT with a tuned Ecoboost. Supposed to be good for low to mid 13's. We'll see in the spring........

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While I do love the Bowtie, I have owned Fords and while I like Chevy/GMC better, I think everyone has their strengths. I have always said i'll never buy foreign and i'm on vehicle #7 (only 23 years old too!) and so far it's been only Chevys and Fords (but probably Chevy from now on...)

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Im all about GM. every truck i have owned has been GM. but as for cars i have owned mostly honda's / acura's. my first car was a 82 camaro still have it. i have also had a mustang. but thats about it. i don't ever see myself driving anything other than a GM truck as for car's i like all type's.

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