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Magnaflow Vs Flowmaster


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Flowmasters sound like a bag of shit. from 1/2 to WOT it sounds really..."flappy" it's just terrible. My old truck had true duals LT headers no cats with two flowmaster 40 series on it, absolutely hated it. It only sounded good at idle and below 1/2 throttle.

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On a stock truck the gains are very minimal and not worth a debate on which gives a better performance. The difference is gonna be in sound. You tube sound clips are hard to tell. If it's ur 1st exhaust either way you're gonna like it. I've ran both, like em both.

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Corsa if you want it to sound like a boat, flomasters if you want sound and less mpg/hp, magnaflow or flowmonster if you want the best sound, hp/mpg increase. Speaking from experience on the flomaster v. magnflow, i had 40's on my truck and after the LT's were on i hated the way they sounded and the truck had a real bad hesitation off idle with them. If i heard a corsa in person it might change my mind but on utube i think they sound like a$ until WOT.



The muffler debate is like tomato - tamata. Like previously said if its your first exhaust you'll love it no matter what.

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