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Lilez02'S Silverado Build


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Ok i figured it was time i started a build thread. i have been wanting to for a while and i hope no one minds its not a SSS. I want to start this so i can hopefully get some guidance from some of the veteran members. I have been on this site a long time and i know some of the best guys with these trucks are around here, and also maybe some new people to this hobby with see this thread in the future and it will help someone. I have been best friends with DGIEPSS for many years now and this is more than a hobby to use now, its a lifestyle. We have fun and it keeps us outta trouble haha.


I have owned this truck for 8 years now. i bought it from my dad who bought it new just to haul a race car. it has been my baby ever since and i keep it in the garage all winter and never really drive it much. It has 86k but you could never tell. And heres the run down on it...

its a 2002 silverado standard cab long bed, its got a 4.8l with 862 heads (stock), a 4l60e, 2wd and stock 3.42's. I installed a k&n cai, msd wires, optima red top, a 3 piece 6.0l engine cover set, coolant tank cover, battery cover and electric center cover, all smoothed and painted black perfect by DGIEPSS, and a flowmaster 40 series and i used to have a hypertech but took it out when i parked it for the winter and im going to a custom tune in the spring. I had a set of shorty headers but they leaked like crazy until i got irritated enough i just put stock manifolds back on. thats really all performance for now but thats changing soon. Exterior wise i lowered it 2-4 with belltech drop spindles and shackle and hangers and installed belltech street performance shocks. I put on a cowl hood, painted grill, ss street scene bumper cover with all billet inserts which i had to custom make the bottom piece. Added halo projector headlights and clear bumper lights with all sylvania silverstar bulbs.street scene sprort mirrors, painted GM door handles, tinted windows, soft tonnaue cover, roll pan, carbon fiber taillights, a shaved tailgate and bed rug. I put on boss 330's with 305/40/22 tires. On to the interior... i removed the seats and had katskin black leather and grey suede covers put on. i put in blue eurolight gauges and a carbon fiber dash kit. i also put in all the vents from a escalade platinum with the chrome trim, and escalade interior handles. I put in a complete 03 and up center console and i wrapped the headliner, a pillars and all lower dash pieces in black suede, just gotta do the center pieces now then ill have main top pieces and dash bezel hydrographic with black wood grain and eliminate the carbon fiber in there. for stereo i have a kendwood flip out head unit dvd, all clarion components, a rockford fosgate 900 watt amp and 1 kicker l5 sub.


So on to the plans...

ENGINE: As tempting as a 6.0 swap is i am going to hold on to the 4.8l for now cause i read so much about how there a great base for boost. So i figured i would build the motor a lil and then hopefully in the spring i would like to put on a intercooled kbracing 70mm turbo kit. Im still learning about the whole turbo setups and how they work cause i been focused on radix styled chargers and learning about those for a long time but it seems you can go really fast with the right setup. I figured i would do a cam, springs, push rods and maybe lifters. thats where i could deff use some help. I just recentlly got into understanding what the numbers mean and i see z06 parts like cams and springs are fairly cheap and i want a setup that will be good N/A and still work for boost. Im not to sure what other things to do well im in there like i see some do a ls2 timing chain. I dont really want to get into pulling the heads or anything. I got a set of billet valve covers and i painted all my coils for now. Im in the process of taking apart everything in engine bay to have cam put in and im going to clean and paint everything in there. I was searching and thinking that if i find a nnbs intake with rails and injectors for a good price it seems that would be a good upgrade. I dont want to get into the ls6 intake cause it would require some major mods to front acc system. Within the next week im going to swich to a 34'' radiator and '05 e-fans. Im not to sure on how to determine what injector sizes to use and would a big one would be ok even if you dont use it to its full rating? And of coarse i know a fuel pump upgrade will be needed. I dont want headers i think ill stick with manifolds so if i go to turbo ill just have to change pass side one. So since im not sure on which cam, springs, push rods, or lifters to use i cant watch for parts to buy yet so i hope someone can help me out there. And finish it all off with a zippy tune.


Transmission: With this i was planning on a transgo hd2 shift kit with billet servos and a stall. I know a converter relies on what cam i end up choosing. that will probly be all for a bit till i breaks if i end up making some power.


Rear End: I am going to order a T/A performance rear girdle cover with ARP studs. A detroit trutrac locker and change the gears. Im undecided on the 3.73's or 4.10's. Ive had people try and sway me both ways so some comments on that would be appreciated. I also just got a factory nbs rear sway bar from a tahoe and found this thread on how to install on a truck so that should be a interesting, cheap and unique.

Rear Sway Bar Install



So thats pretty much what i got for now so i hope some of the silveradoss.com performance elites can give me some help and input here. It will be appreciated and hopefully i can give people some input and others can learn from this like i have from so many other threads here. I did my best on this and think i got everything cover but i will anything more as i go. I hope that this thread is done in less than 10 months to a year. I will update it alot cause my dad and i got a shop and i can work on it alot now. Please dont mind punctuation i know its kinda rough. but thanks for reading and i welcome your comments, input and advice.



post-18026-099631600 1322191877_thumb.jpg

post-18026-010992200 1322191889_thumb.jpg

post-18026-013042900 1322191897_thumb.jpg

post-18026-088223700 1322191911_thumb.jpg

post-18026-053887800 1322191926_thumb.jpg

post-18026-070806700 1322191939_thumb.jpg

post-18026-056408900 1322191953_thumb.jpg

post-18026-086511800 1322191969_thumb.jpg

post-18026-010350200 1322191983_thumb.jpg

post-18026-011296800 1322192003_thumb.jpg

post-18026-078531400 1322192014_thumb.jpg

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This is going to be a sweet build!

If you need some help, i'm only a little over an hour from you.



that would be awesome man, thanks alot. i didt relize your truck was turbo. ill keep ya updated. i would like to start buying stuff but im just so unsure on like what valve springs, i see names like the 918's, 1218's, 1518's. i would be ready to get a set if i knew. and im sure the push rods will be 7.4 hardened. titanium retainers. any thing you would recomend? are the spring numbers for the amount of lift. another guy told me to use the patriot extreme gold double springs. are the doubles necessary?

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got a little update. holidays got crazy and went to the Bahamas for vacation. been collecting parts so heres a few more... ls6 valve springs, ls2 hd timing chain, SLP 160* t stat and a edelbrock 90mm TB on the way. just waiting on the cam and gotta get gaskets and fluids. i got valve covers off and test fitted new ones. got the pcm wire ran for the 05 e fans and the relay. i was wondering instead of drilling the new cover for the PVC system on drivers rear, can that be eliminated and run a breather on driver side. is the vent to throttle body on pass side necessary also. i thought i read it can be deleted with proper ventilation still used?

post-18026-006293800 1325004768_thumb.jpg

post-18026-070221000 1325004775_thumb.jpg

post-18026-012494500 1325004787_thumb.jpg

post-18026-061675400 1325004798_thumb.jpg

post-18026-071637500 1325004807_thumb.jpg

post-18026-039805400 1325004814_thumb.jpg

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little update. got fans 100% wired, catchcan ready to install, FoMoCo check valve for Pcv installed and oil cap breather made and ready. waiting to pickup cam this weekend then just pull intake and front cover and install then put motor back together. test fitted the valve covers. ohh and i cleaned and painted the water pump and p/s bracket and all pulleys. should have a set of 3.73's getting here tomarrow so just need to get cover and locker then i can start on rear end then move on to tranny. gathering parts kinda fast so its coming together. want to get it all together and tuned so after summer it will be ready for fuel system and turbo kit.























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