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these were given to my uncle for X-MAS last year and i know he did not put anything online and i saw them sitting in my room thought nope going in the truck some where found a perfect spot for them :D


my mom and dad made them we have a company called golden needles that is operated out our business we do embroidry and engraving so it was actually a pretty lame xmas gift in my oppinion

post-22915-002066500 1322528101_thumb.jpg

post-22915-068399500 1322528104_thumb.jpg

post-22915-054080200 1322528106_thumb.jpg

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How much?


haha wow seriously!

my dad said people would buy them. i disagreed but hey if you want some i am pretty sure we could make them. idk the exact price


if more people are interested the price would probably go down because we could then order the towels in bulk and have all of our machines running.



(you dont think GM is gonna get all legal on us do you?)


but yah if you want some and wanna know the price or customize it even more PM me and ill send you them there email and maybe even the work phone if they are ok with it.


Can you work with stitching/embroidery on hooded sweatshirts?


edit - I dont think he is selling them.......sounds like your uncle was a serious Silverado SS owner :chevrolet::thumbsup:


yes we do sweatshirts we basically can do everything except for thick leather and we hate doing those clothe gun cases but yet we do every year.(our largest customer is the american trapshooting associations a.k.a. ATA)


he headrest in my truck we did that but that was iffy we were scared it would screw up the leather but it ended out all good.





idk if it was only the SSS he loved.because he had an impala he adored.

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a hooded sweater with a big SSS logo on the back would look sick


i thought you guys did hooded sweat shirts! and i personally think that would look better screen printed and we don't do that.... yet (all us "kids" have to move out so they have room)


but we do know a person but i suggest not to go through us because we basicly charge a middle man fee and i think you can find places online to do it cheaper

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