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They Try To Take My Ss Clone :(


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on monday night i was chilling out side my house and i had my wanna b ss clone park out side when i notice a ford lightning drive up to my truck and look at it and took off ...that seem kinda weird so i pulled my truck in ..... on wendsday night it was a windy and noisey night i woke up about 3 am to a tool falling on the floor and i tought did i leave any tools out side .... then i hear my pops yelling wat the F*** i get up and he tells me there trying to take your truck as i run out side this FAT guy is running away from my truck he jumps into a grey lightning.... yes the same truck i seen on monday night .....and if i see that truck again i will recognize and i think ill have a talk with him lol... the only damage to my truck was my door handles all jacked up cops came and took finger prints and said the may have 2 good prints but i think they are mine this is the 2nd time they break into it the 1st time they took it from my friends house in BELL CA and my gps found it in the city of SOUTH GATE CA these guys just took my ss wheels caps and my cds ....so i think i will drive it less so all your so cal guys watch out there alot of ppl with eyes on our trucks

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Wow that sucks. sorry to hear. nothing worse than having to wonder rather your stuff is being messed with or not. do you have a alarm or anything like that? not saying they can't break into it or steal it with a alarm but it helps a bit.

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pretty lucky dude, mine was found in S. L.A. on Hooper and 56th stripped and totalled. Yep, yep, SoCalers keep em safe.


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