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Underhood Label Part Numbers


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Hey guys, I am getting the Mobil 1 emblem and the GM Performance Division emblems for my panel under my hood. My question is: where can I find new stickers for the belt diagram and the other sticker that came on there from the factory? Mine are very faded and look like crap. Need to replace them. I can see where there is a factory part number at the bottom of each label, but they are too faded to read. Thanks for any info. :confused:


Also, out of curiousity, what is the actual name for the panel underhood where these label are located?

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Mine were messed up when I got the truck. It had 80K on it when I got it. It was the second owner's DD for the year he had it. It is just a sunny day and weeeknd cruiser for me. They look like the plastic coating over the pictures and text has separated and turned the film a milky looking mess. If they are $40 bucks like Brian said, I may just rip mine off as well. I am undecided at the moment. I am adding the Mobil 1 decal, so just trying to decide what to do with my $hitty factory labels. Thanks for the info Brian and Steve!

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