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Nice Colorado I Must Say


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Sharp looking truck...... been thinking about getting one and doing a all out build on the motor. You can get them with a 5.3 liter......if a 5.3 fits in there so will a 6.0 liter... bored and stoked to a 408 with a supercharger in that little truck.... would be pretty badass

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I agree about the grill thing, the first 1 looked great! Kinda sad it takes all that money, time and heartache to make a colordado look decent. just goes to show, they are uglier than hell from the factory.



For all the money, you could do so much better on something else... but we all have our tastes and preferereces, which is what makes our country great.... and sometimes being differant then everyone else can be cool too, so props too the guy for that!

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sharp lookin truck. i like how he kept it clean. its not over done. thats one way people mess there trucks up by over doing them IMO. i just like it simple but different at the same time. one thing that kills me about this truck is that he hasn't tinted the front window's. i see this all the time. its probably one of the cheapest mod's but yet ton's of guys don't get it done right away.

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