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Any Star Wars Fans?


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So i am a huge Star Wars fan (yeah I know Im a Nerd), and I was so excited to read this



Disney now owns LucasFilms and is planning on making a Star Wars Sequel Trilogy. That is the coolest thing ever for us Star Wars nerds. Im excited to see a new film. That also opens up the possiblity for Disney to open an entire park centered around the Star Wars universe. Just figured I would share

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Im personally not a fan. just something i could never get into. but different strokes for different folks. My other hobbies besides vehicles are collecting model cars and gas powered R/C cars.

X2 i don't have any, but I've always been interested in those, i might get me a little gas powered one soon!!
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ive never been a fan of disney.. without going on a crazy rant, i find them to be the biggest, most evil company on the planet, other than Apple..

as a fan, im not happy to read this.. and i doubt highly id go see a new trilogy as im sure its going to look TOO clean from all the 'neat' CGI they used in Episode 1,2,3, if you even can admit those movies took place.

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