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My SSlow Build!


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Hey Guys, I just picked up my 2003 SS about a month and a half ago (80k miles). Performance wise it has a K&N Intake and Borla Exhaust dummped under the cab. The first thing it got was a new 4l65e with stage 2 shift kit, pinless accumulator, billet 2nd and 4th servo and a monster sunshell. Also dropped in a 2800 Stall. Next on the drivetrain list is a B&M Hammer Console shifter .(mostly for show)


The truck was almost bone stock when I got her except exhaust and intake, I got some drop shackles in the rear and turned down the keys a few turns up front. Waiting on spindles from a friend and rear hangers (hes going back to stock height). I murdered out my wheels grills and all my badges as well as smoked my tail and 3rd brake lights. Aside from that installed 2 JL W3s under the backseat and installed a Pioneer AppRadio DA-02 as well as hard mounted an iPhone for streaming pandora, iHeartRadio, etc.


This past weekend I went off to the scrap yard and tracked down some hood hinges off a late 80s Buick Park Avenue. If you guys know the car you know where I'm going with this. 4 Hours later I had a suicide hood. Lucky I'm a design engineer and am going to take all my hinges in to work and draw up some new ones specifically for the SS that way the hinges look super clean. Ill have them cut out of 16ga on the laser and bend em up in the press. As for now I got everything mocked up and mounted and working just fine! Best $16 I've spent so far!, I plan on designing the new hinges to work with a gas strut instead of the springs that the current hinges use. that allows me more clearance by the fuse box and expansion tank.


Aside from that I installed some Camaro 45th style hood stripes.


To Do:

Long Tubes,

Texas Speed 224 Cam

Zippy/Blackbear Tune.


Next Winters Options:






When she came home-



Drop and Blackout (headlights have been buffed since this)



Hood Closed:



Hood Popped:



Hood Tilted:



Full Shot:




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I have a feeling your going to have quite a bit of customers here interested in hinges you make. Can we get some pics of the hinges? I'm curious to see how they work and what they look like. How much would you think you would sell them for once you get them to perfection?

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those hinges are pretty cool unless you actually work on your truck. maybe make a quick disconnect for them so you can pull the hood off all together so its out of the way. keep up the good work looks good.

Socket wrench and 4 bolts, not too bad. Plus the hinges would stay on the hood so you dont have to worry about getting her all lined up again when you put it back on, You Would only need it off for bigger jobs IMO. You could also just undo the hinges and prop the hood up normally as the rear sits in a slot when pushed back.

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So would you be interested in making some more of those hinges and selling them?


Yeah I was thinking the same thing, kind of a group buy thing.There is money to be had in those hinges.

Welcome aboard.


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i dont know man changing a serpentine belt or a water pump would be a PITA with that hood in the way. i like the idea thou and thought somebody on here a while back did something like this also but it was a while ago.some kind of pull pin set up would be sweet since these hoods are heavy and would be a pain to hold up to undo 4 bolts on each side just throwing some ideas out there.

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