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SS took a bit of a beating (storm damage)

Big Tim

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Well, storms damaged the SS. Got a tree limb down on the roof. Roof dented, windshield smashed, fender wrinkled, hood wrinkled, knocked of one of the roof antennas (xm, I think), even knocked the dome light loose. I kinda wanna throw up right now...


I'll post pics when I can.

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Man that sux i hate spring storms always the worst you never kno wats guna happen. Ik how it feels i dont have a garage eaither but i work for a dealership and im able to park it into their shop when weather gets bad ...but Hopefully u can upgrade. Some exterior items and have the insurance company pay for it that how i got my cowl hood. ;-)

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ok, been in the body shop about a week. He's already pulled out most of the dents, has a bit more work to do before the booth. Damage estimate (insurance) 5100 and change. I still plan on posting pics, just really busy right now.

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So, the antennas on the roof are officially gone. I didn't like the XM, and the onstar never worked. I also didn't like the holes in the roof for the antenna, so they got shaved off. There are still a few things the shop is finishing up, but I should have her back in a few days. Bad news, the cowl hood is beyond repair, and the body work ate up my extra cash. So, I'll be back to rocking the stock hood until I can afford a new one. Not that big of a deal.

Pics to come.

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