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I just received these cool pictures which show the hard work that [email protected] put into upgrading his sound sytem! Some of the details he listed are as follows:


3 JL 10w6's

1 Kicker KX.1200

1 Kicker KX.300.4

1 JL Audio 6.5 XR Comp

1 MB Quart 6.5 PSD Comp

1 Farad

1 Panasonic CQ-VAD7200U

1 Custom built ported box

1 Valentine One-a necessity!



Enjoy! :cool:






Wait! Could it be Moto4Xboy1 himself?!?! (update...nope!)




Nice use of that empty space! (aka-nice box!)






Damn, that screens huge! Must be nice to have video for the road trips!


Clean install on the rear pillar mounted tweeters!


With a nice new truck just askin' for a ticket, everyone should have one of these!



Nice job man! :thumbs:

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wow really cool. i wish i could hear it. i bet it hits hard, i was thinking about putting a 12 in but maby two 12s now. :flag::chevy::wtf:

A single 10" in a properly designed tuned enclosure is all you need. Put your money into the quality of the woofer/amp and design of the enclosure. Don't be afraid to call the speaker company and ask for a design. FYI, call Cerwin Vega and ask for John Fairchild (designed the "Stroker" 20 years ago). He will be more than happy to design an enclosure free of cost to fit your needs. DD (Digital Designs) and MMATS have very good products that we consistantly win with. Team Hertz - Currently have 2 MMATS 15" Juggs hitting 175dB with about 16,000 WRMS. If you would like contacts with regards to competition dB Drag racing and enclosure design, just E-mail me.

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Nice job. I would be tempted to do something like that if I was young enough to take my hearing for granted.


I guess Moto4Xboy is now the duly elected expert on interior removal :D .


Just out of curiosity, is the back seat easy to remove? Did you have to stuff the stock radio somewhere or have they made a proper adapter yet? Assuming you can still hear, after all that, does the dynamat make the truck any quieter (with the stereo off :D)

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Haha the back seat...Hmm..Its not hard to get out, its just a pain in the ass. Its only 4 bolts, but its heavy and hard to get out, and you have to clip the back of it onto the back wall so...and the stock deck, DONT GO to best buy they will fill you full of crap. I was looking for just a dash kit and wiring harness, and they told me I had to buy a complete relocation kit and relocate the stock deck so teh computer still worked or somthing, then i called Crutchfield and just ordered the dash kit, so no you dont have to relocate the stock deck. One problem, no big deal, was the 2003 chevy's dont have a constant power to the deck so you have to run the power of the aftermarket deck to the ignition. not hard but you just have to figure it out. The dynamat is really amazing, nothing rattles at all. The only thing I did not dynamat is the doors cuz I ran out, I did the floor, back wall, and the roof. The head board is kind of difficult to get off but not to bad, but yes the Dynamat helps so much even with road noise. There were no really unexpected problems, the only the that sucks with the chevys is the crappy 4x7 inch holes in the back doors for the speakers, so I cut out those holes and put in 6 1/2 inch MB Quarts and they sound a world better than those 4.6 inch plate speakers.

Thanks Jwest for posting my pictures bro I appreciate it, and also...No thats not me working o nthe truck thats my freind, i was the one behind the camera!



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hmm..I have also heard that relocating the stock deck is necessary. I read it on some other bulletin board, but I can't remember where. They said it had something to do with the diagnostics. I guess we have someone to try it out now so we will see.



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