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Yes, car on carlift. 1990 towtruck to drive so no hurry.

Taken off the plastic/inletpipe/top waterhose/dynamo/top rad.shield

and 1 injector.So far verry easy :thumbs: . Today bought a pulleypuller for the steeringpump.

Time is biggest problem for me.

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no space for the puller :( tryed to remove the fan, no luck. then removed four bolts from the fan, you can move the fan so that you can take off the under radiateurplastic. now there is space to use the puller :P . maybe tomorow i have time.

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just curious, why did you pull the power steering pump pulley? :confused:


The manual of the vortechset told me. It has something to do with the bolds behind the pulley that screws the alloy part to the engine. there is a new alloy part with space for the vortech to replace this. sorry about my english, i don't know the name of all parts.


And what kind of pulley puller are you using?


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Those bolts behind the pulley will come out without pulling the pulley.  Not sure if you are adding something behind the pulley or not.........


:dunno: just following the instructions :dunno:

Yeah, I know. Funny how it was my lack of understanding a particular set of instructions that lets me know they'll come out without removing. :happysad:

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Next on to-do-list: injectors. Yes allready in, dynamo back, idler back, fanbolts.

Instruction sometimes not verry smart. Instruction told me dynamo first and then injectors. dynamo later means more space for injectors. On injectors the instruction said first injectors in fuelrail than into block and then the c-clips.

There is verry little space for the c-clips, so better injectors in fuelrail then c-clips and then into block.

Next part: installing s/c and oil-line's.

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