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Radix Install


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:eek: I called Thunder Racing out of Baton Rouge, La today to get a price on a Radix! It was $5150 (which they would not budge on) for the kit and $1000 dollar install!!! $1000 install does that sound about right?? They said it would take between 6-8 hours to complete the install!! Is this worth it??? Thanks! :dunno:
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Man I'm in the wrong business!!!




My dad keeps this article by his desk that he pulled out of AutoWeek (August 19, 02 to be exact):


After 12 years in the auto repair business, if you can find me a shop that will pay me very well for my skills, recognize the attention that I pay to detail, not base my performance on production alone, and match the benefits package my wife enjoys at her job, I'll take it into consideration. In the meantime, I'll be at college doing trendy studies on "How to Play with Computers."

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$4,500 for the Radix, the GMC dealer was going to do the install for $750.

I installed it myself. :D

Even the dealer said I was smart enough to do it.

Shop around, you can do allot better!

TByrne has good sales prices... Hold out, shop and save some bucks. :thumbs:


WW :cool:

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If I could just break into this thread, do the GM dealers generally install this aftermarket power adder superchargers and if so, does it maintain the warranty if they do it? I always assumed that a dealer would want nothing to do with installing hardware that could cause premature engine failure and impact the warranty.


I am capable of installing this kind of hardware (I have done much more involved mechanical work as long as I take my time and do it right); however, there is always the risk of a snafu (fuel system failure or tuning problem) that could have adverse affects. I have very little experience with LS1 or newer GM engines.



Rick R

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