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Looking for info on AWD to 2WD swap

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What is the level of difficulty? What all is involved? What special tools or preparations need to be made?


I crashed my VHO with a FLT 4l65e level 5 trans and my new SS is awd and one of the hubs is going bad so I want to swap transmissions.

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I don't think its too hard.

Youll need 2wd hubs, 2wd trans crossmember and driveshaft.

And then just remove the transfer case, front driveshaft and axles, and you should be good to go.


Someone correct me if im wrong.

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I am actually looking to purchase the parts to convert a 2wd into an AWD.

I would go buy a AWD truck. Between all the parts, time, module and wiring you have a large project ahead of you to say the least.....

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I'm looking into this, there is a 2wd parts truck that I can get parts off of. So all I would need is the trans, driveshaft, hubs and crossmember? Suspension and all can stay the same? What about k member and etc? Any computer tuning or etc needed?



Sorry for stealing the thread lol



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