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Wheel hub bearings


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I would get a quality part. Timken is the best I've used.

X2 yeah buy Timken if you insist on going aftermarket or go OE with AC Delco. It's one of those jobs while easy you don't want to do again in a year or two because you bought a cheap one.....

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I replaced both my fronts with Timkin's, Both sides use the same hub.


Wheel Bearing/Hub Assembly, Front
(50MM Bore Bearing)
(rockauto has them for under $100 last I checked)



Is this the same part number for a 2006 ISS? I am going crazy trying to figure out which is the correct one...

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2006 was RWD only


TIMKEN SP500300 Front; 4WD - 4X4/AWD Applications Only


TIMKEN SP450301 Front; RWD

Yeah but since the SS is still built on a 4x4 chassis, did it use the bearings for the 4x4/AWD application, or the RWD application which is really a different setup altogether?



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According to my interchange, there are 3 different hubs. 2WD, 4WD/AWD, and the B4V/B4U/B2E(torsion bar 2WD) trucks. The SP450301 is the regular 2wd one. All the spindles are the same, so I'm sure they would go right on there, but they are different(no idea what that difference would be).

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