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Rear Diff Pinion Seal

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Does anyone know the part number or the size for the pinion seal on the rear differential?


I've looked at orielly's, advance, autozone ect. and they all show two different sizes (8.5 and 9.5) being compatible with the truck.


Does anyone know what the correct one is to use for an awd?

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If your truck is awd you need the 8.5, but if it's rwd you need the one for the 14 bolt 9.5

But yeah as EXGM mentioned, the last 8 of your VIN will tell you anything you need to know at the dealer.

Exactly...since '05 is AWD -or- RWD, that's why both are shown as available. AWD's got the 8.5" 10 bolt, RWD's got the 9.5" 14 bolt


Be sure you read up on doing this job; setting the pinion nut correctly is important if you don't want to wipe out your bearings and gears. I'm no pro at it so I won't give you my opinions on how to do it, but I know enough to tell you that it's a critical thing to get right and you should research it heavily before ever turning a wrench on that pinion nut.


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Also another suggestion to go along with what someotherguy mentioned, I would fore go the crush sleeve and use a solid collar. A little bit harder to set up initially, but it can never change pre load. Yukon gear and axle offers on for like $20.

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