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right direction for mods


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So i finally pulled the trigger and bought my silverado ss, awd, and im lookin for a bit of help (use to be all about that nismo life lol) so i got the lq9, lookin to do heads and cam, with supporting mods, stall converter and them sorts of things. Looking for recommended brands, not looking to spend a fortune but i dont want to cheap out, lookin for a good noticable difference. Not 100% if i have asked all the right questions, help is much appreciated! Thanks!

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Id look into a set of 243 heads ported. Cheaper option. Or a set of AFR heads. (For a street car. Probably the 205. As for a cam. Again for a street Car I wouldn't go much higher than mid 230's on duration. 6xx lift. The stall depends on the cam. But anywhere from a 3000-3500 for street use if its a good stall company.


I'm looking to make 400whp. Going with a heads. 223/227 114 comp cam. (I have to stay small because of smog in California. Other wise I'd be running a 230/235 625/625 110. 3200 stall. With a good set of heads. Full bolt ons. I'd say you could hit 450+ good luck hope that helps.


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