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Fueling and nitrous. Question.

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So I just picked up the pro flow intake manifold. And rails. My questions are this. (2001 Silverado)


1. The new rails have a hole for the fuel at the front and back of each rail. The stock rils. Have a hole in the middle top of the rail. My question is for the new rails. Do I have the main line enter the driver side rail then cross over from driver side topassanger at the front of rail. Then back side of passenger rail gets Teed into the main fuel line as well? And when running nitrous. Can have a T at the front driver side fuel rail. That has 1 aide going to the passenger rail. And 1 side going to the fuel solenoid? Just have it necked down from a -6 to a -3 or -4?


2. My truck has an evap solenoid on the intake manifold. The new one doesn't. Is this a return style system? Where I can plum it somewhere else on the new rails? Or is a evap different than a return style? Thanks I'm advance for all the help.


If anyone has pictures. That would be awesome! I am a visual learner. But any help is appreciated. Its my first build. And I'm just trying to see what I have to do. Thanks again.


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I have the same set up sort of...I ditched all the evap stuff when I switched over to the pro flow... I have a -8 running up to the front and have a y underneath the intake feeding both the front rails... Run the two rear ports of the rails to either side of you fuel pressure regulator.. Then the bottom back to your tank...


The part I don't have but have seen is running a t off the gauge port on your fuel pressure regulator to feed your solenoid.. Hope this helps some..


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Thanks for the help. Why do i need a fuel pressure regulator at the rails. Doesnt it stay at the 53psi. Or whatever our fuel is set at? Just curious fueling is new to me and im sure once i take the truck apart ill see what you mean and why i need it. But right now i can't picture why i need the regulator?


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