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New track times


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I hope you SS guys don't mind us VHO lurkers. Afer all, we do have the same engine. (and better looking wheels :jester: ) Anyway I took mine to the track tonight. Here is what I posted over at ls1tech.com:


I finally got to the track tonight. My mods are: K&N FIPK (!headlight), my own custom tune with my HP Tuners. I have flashed it 20 times adjusting my tuning. My O2s are in the 900-920 range. I want to keep it on the safe side until I get a wide band dyno run. This was on the stock 20's too! It took a little bit to figure out the best way to launch. I ended up leaving at around 1300 RPM for my best 60'. I have about 50 lbs. worth of stuff in the back cab also. I was expecting to run a 15.0 @ ~90 MPH. My first race was against a 92 Mustang auto. I beat him, and thought, that must be one slow Mustang. After I got my time slip, I was suprised just how well my land yacht was running. After 4 runs, my best ET of the night was 14.531, and my best MPH was 94.06. Thorley headers and Magnaflow cat-back are next, along with some more tuning (although I am confident I have it dialed in as it sits) and a wide band dyno run or two. Here are my 4 runs:



60 2.243

1/8 9.433

MPH 76.06

1/4 14.589

MPH 93.84



60 2.236

1/8 9.459

MPH 75.89

1/4 14.634

MPH 93.31



60 2.194

1/8 9.402

MPH 76.01

1/4 14.550

MPH 94.06



60 2.168

1/8 9.375

MPH 75.91

1/4 14.531

MPH 93.91

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