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Sport Truck?


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They will only do trucks that are Brand New for 05.  That is why there is no f150 or anything also.



:withstupid: The truck of the year is usually the newest one to the market. It really doesn't mean that much.




Keep in mind that the Toyota Tundra was once "TRUCK OF THE YEAR" :crackup:


... and the Titan was "4x4 OF THE YEAR" :crackup:


Those awards are usually just a joke... goes to the newest truck or the highest bidder. Do you honestly think the Nissan Titan is a better 4x4 than any other truck on the road? HA!

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Sport truck tested the x-runner at 6.9 in 0-60 and 14.92 at 93.10mph. and its a 4.0l v-6 with 245hp and 282lb-ft. weighs 3690 and can tow 3500 lb. They might not rate us the best sport truck. But ours is awd, can tow over 7500 lbs, still runs 0-60 in 6.3, and is a reasonable price. So overall ours is, I feel, the most capable truck.

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Yes, our trucks are more useful, but I really think that those X-runners are pretty badass. They put a 6 speed manual that has the throw of a car shifter, it pulls better than .9g stock on the skidpad, outbrakes our trucks, and although it isn't out yet toyota is going to have a supercharger that can be put on, and still retain the factory 5yr, 60k mi warranty on everything. I think that is awesome myself.

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