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SS beats a "Heavily Moddoed" L ....


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this what some guy claims over at another forum:


Dudes my truck is already scoring me kills! Was on 294 at 10:30 am coming home from a hard days work and I spot a heavily modded lightning about 20 yards ahead of me. I pulled on the side of him and I swear we were about even and I punched and saw him punch it to and before I knew I was 6 car lenghts ahead of this turkey! Man Ive had my truck for one day and im already kicking the crap out of these ford pieces of crap! Whats all the fuss about these overated lightnings anyway? SS will kick their butts at every freeway ,he couldnt believe it!


after many people told him he was full of it, he then posted this response:


First of alll the SS isnt slow, so all of you guys out there who thinks this is just some hog, your wrong. 2nd of all when he pulled off the exit ramp he told me he was working a chip,cold air and exhaust set-up(headers and high flow cat) and traction bars. I know some of you big timers might not think this heavily modded but for me being bone stock I consider it a success. Now if you dont believe me thats cool, I was there and I loved it!


what do you guys think, BS :rolleyes: heres the LINK

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The guy only has 3 posts over there, that should tell ya something right away :D Sounds more like he was daydreaming as his mom drove him home from his job at McDonalds, in the family mini van. :D

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Hmmmm, linky no worky. :(


I bet fullsizechevy already pulled the post.


Actually, I would not be surprised if there are people that stupid that own SS's............ there are some that stupid that own L's.


Your first clue of how lame he was was when he said he could see a heavily modded L ahead of him. Hmmmm...... is he Clark Kent???? Can he see through the sheetmetal to see the mods???? Or did the L have a neon sign on the roof that stated "heavily modded Lightning????"


Actually, it is rather funny, because I have been at a few sites where there were people who had a very small bit of knowledge about the SS (a little bit of knowledge can be a very scary thing), and think that they are faster than Lightnings........ and will be running with the upcoming SRT-10. :rolleyes: Well, you know, theirs buddies friends sisters cousin on his uncles side said so !!!! :D

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Wait guys. It's totally possible!

Here is a couple of theorys of how the SS may have beat the L.


1.) The L's blower belt broke. :eek:

2.) The L's owner's coffee thermos rolled on to the floor board and under the accelerator. :eek:

3.) The guy in the L was so highly modded that he passed this guy, got off the freeway, drove a block, flipped a bitch, got back on the freeway, and homie saw him in the rear view going for another pass. :crazy:


Ok, that last one is probably overkill. :D

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