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crate engine


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My neighbour directly across the street bought a ZZ502. He had high expectations, but the engine was somewhat of a dud.


I have heard the quality of the rings and bearings are poor, and the engines should be "gone through", but it's just heresay to me, I have never stripped one down for my own eyes to take a boo.


I can tell you the ZZ502 doesn't perform like I think a 500 horsepower engine should, I drove my neighbours and raced it with my cars. It wasn't as fast as it should have been. Not in my opinion anyways.


I would look at Merlin, R-M, any engine builders first, and get a custom build, or better yet the 408 like the other guys have said...?

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I don’t understand crate engines? They are great if you want to replace what you currently have, but if you want to increase HP/TQ I don’t see the benefit? :dunno:


There are tons of engine builders out there find one and build one up... :thumbs:


Anything over 400 hp I would add shift kit, servo and all the other goodies Zippy would add.....


Anything over 500 hp get a built transmission.... :smash:

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