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Fellow SS'ers with 22" rims or larger


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Ever since I had my 22's installed, I've noticed a signifcant decrease in power. Also, it seems like my tranny isn't shifting like it used to. Have any of you experienced this as well? I know that the larger rims will do something to all of that, but it just seems a little much. I wish I would have weighed my rims and tires before installation.


I do plan on installing a shift kit, servos, blah, blah, blah, and also supercharging it this coming year so it shouldn't be like this for long. I was just curious if any of you have felt the same thing?


Late- Alex

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I also used 305/40/22, which is the exact diameter as the stock 20's. I never noticed any difference with the 22's, but mine only weighed 29 lbs a piece. Good luck finding out the problem.

BTW: I did notice a substantial increase in power with the supercharger :dunno:


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As you already know, adding heavier wheels and tires (while keeping the same overall tire diameter) will decrease your acceleration and it will feel like you lost power.


I forgot that rule of thumb but it went something like: Adding 10 pounds to each tire or wheel was equivalent to adding 3 times that total to your chassis in the quarter mile. So that would be 10 lbs x 4 tires x 3 = 120 pounds! It sure adds up.

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well thats cuase their is more rolling mass. if you were pushing a wheel around a shop for what ever reason. it takes more work (force X distance) to move the 23" wheel and tire compared to the 15" tires A cause the smaller wheel is liter and B cause of the decreased rolling mass. same applys to the engine. you lose around 10-15 horsepower if you put a big break kit on. so you can immagine what the increase youve felt is over your 20" stockers.



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