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2 kills in one dAY


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well today was pritty fun,me and the old lady were comeing back from lunch an a dodge intreped was in the way so I go to pass him so he started to speed up well that ticked me off so i get up to him and give him a rev and we started to go I walked him so then I let off and he dose the ricer fly buy so I had to kill him again i dont think he was to happy with me. Than on the way to walmart some kid in a ford ranger is sitting next to me at the light when the light turns green all i here is is tires spinning so I did what any good chevy man would do I put the kid and his ranger to shame I let off the gas and let him get next to me an then I would floor it again I stoped after killing him 3 times in a row so my day was pritty cool



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