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spark plug set up

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Which spark plug set up (plugs & wires) do you guys recomend for our trucks? Im not running NOS or anything just want to see some better performance from it (just a liltle).


Please help!!!!!!! 



If you have an '04, you already have iridium plugs. I wouldn't change them. Not for NA, anyway.

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Hey zippy or anyone what size plug wires do you recomend.......??


and they are not to hard to change out right!!!!???

i think they are like 8.5mm plug wires... but i dunno why i am thinking this. some of the plug wires are a bit tough to get off, but for the most part it is an easy install, like maybee 30-45 minutes at most... :devil:

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do you have to remove the engine covers????

No. And if it takes you more than 10-15 minutes I would be surprised. Make sure you give them a little twist before you pull them off and they'll come right off. Do not pull the wire, pull the boot.


When you put them back on, make sure you listen for, or feel, one click for the plugs, two for the coils. If you don't get this, pull it back off and try again. Also recommend some slilcone on the inside of you boots. Makes them easier to remove. Most parts stores have tiny sqeeze packets right by the register.

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