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I live in Kansas and here we have a lot of Sonic Drive In's. For those that don't know, it is a decent fast food place based on old school car hops who bring your food out to your car. Anyhow, I was there yesterday getting a drink and the carhop guy asked me if my SS was pretty bad. I just told him that people sure look when you drive by and that I've only had it a week. He handed me a card with my drink and told me to light up the tires when I leave. I didn't burn the tires and left like a normal person. I saw the card a little bit later and read it. It said "WOW, Cool Car of the Day." It was a coupon for a free Hamburger, Fries, and drink meal. Never had anythign like that happen before. All I can say is that I liked it. Pretty cool......





2003 SSS Victory Red

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