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might sell my ss


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No real reason but I am thinking about selling my ss and buying a lightning...what do you guys think

I have only had the ss for about 8 months

in my opinion, unless your streched for cash, stick with the SS and make if faster than a lighting. i wouldnt know from experience, but i can imagine there can be nothing better on the street than beating a lighting in an ss. just think of the look on his face and the way his heart will sink after that, thinking he has the fastest truck on the road. thats my opinion, and thats my goal.(lol not just to beat a lightning though, of course that is a definent must)



note also that you will be giving up a quick, pretty luxurious 4 door truck with awd for a fast truck but not much comfort.

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i was in your shoes a while back but i wanted a older dodge viper. after thinking about it and getting feedback from you guys on here i changed my mind. it still would be kool to have one but since i cant have both i will keep my truck. :chevy:


my brother has a 04 lighting and it is a blast to drive but it has limited comfort and anyone who has drove one knows it just isnt a SS. not very roomy and doesnt have half the options. but it is alot faster than a stock SS. if you compare the two speed is the only thing that the lighting will beat the SS on. i say get nos for your truck. :thumbs:

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with the resale on these trucks i wouldn't even think about it yet.


When you need some cheering up or need a nice reminder, ask zippy :banghead:





it wasn't meant as a knock on the truck. i'm guessing the performance is the main reason for him wanting a lightning and as most of us know it's a hard to disagree with that point. the lightning with bolt on's only will go in the low 12's without breaking a sweat. the resale has stopped most of the guys considering selling their SS. whatever reason it takes to keep your SS is a good enough reason to me. having any vehicle for only 8 months is a kick in the ass if you want to sell it and some just happen to be a harder hit. if he keeps his SS to keep himself from losing money, either way he's still keeping it. that's the positive side. :chevy:

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