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I did it once w/ a sony car stereo... everything was cool untill about 4 months after I got it. The damn thing stopped playing CD's :banghead: At that point I kinda wished I had paid the extra $$$ so that I could have had it repaired under warranty... I ended up trashing it b/c it was useless. Lesson learned. :thumbs:

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I'm sorry that I can't take the moral high ground on this one.  I have, and I probably would again.


:crackup::crackup: I use to get my rims for older rides down in the city off of a corner. You go talk to a few guys that work in a little garage area, they hand you a brochure of what you can get, you pick em out and with 5 days you have brand new rims for about $400. Wouldn;t do it now a days but then it didn;t bother me.

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No, wouldn't buy goods that are for sure stolen, think of who you are benefiting, and also think of the people who had their property stolen.


:withstupid: I am sure we have all had the experience of stolen property. Its not fun and I am not going to feed the system!

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Would any of you ever purchase anything that you are pretty sure is stolen?  Maybe something like a new in-dash DVD player for around $400??


what's up with the Xfire in your sig?? I get a Xfire cookie everytime I scroll through your posts :nono:



Must be pretty tough trying to browse the internet without getting any cookies, but if its a problem I'll take it out....



I'm not real sure what I'm going to do...the situation just presented itself. A guy I know just got a new deck from and said that they had screens and stuff too, so I just thought I would throw the idea around.

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Would any of you ever purchase anything that you are pretty sure is stolen?


one word---JAIL!!


due time just like the person who sold it to you :nono: ... no thanks i'll work extra and pay full price.... besides i hear bubba grows pretty big down texas way :eek:




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