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Did some painting today

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Painted the calipers red, and painted stake pocket covers and engine covers to match the truck. I also painted a rear license plate frame to match but didn't take pictures.










Best $30 I have spent on the truck yet. For painting calipers I would not recommend brush on paint. It is difficult to work with and get to look smooth. I would recommend removing the calipers and brackets so they are easier to paint. I removed the rears but discovered that the fronts need a torx bit that I don't have :banghead: after I had the truck half torn apart.

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The reason I left the top alone was because I didn't want to make the Vortect 6.0 lettering look bad with a poor masking job.


Just shoot clear over the whole thing... it'll give it a glossy look w/o messing up the Vortech logo. I'd recommend duplicolor clear engine enamel... thats what i used.

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