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How many cars/trucks have you owned?


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Well I am 21 and I am on my 12th car/truck


1. 87 Nissan Sentra (high school beater)

2. 72 Chevy Suburban

3. 69 Chevy Chevelle 300 Deluxe

4. 95 Chevy Silverado x-cab

5. 71 VW Beetle

6. 74 GMC c-20 Camper special w/454

7. 85 Ford Mustang LX t-top 5 speed

8. 96 Chevy Impala SS

9. 98 Chevy S-10

10. 99 Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor (x-police car)

11. 96 Ford Mustang GT 5 speed

12. 04 Chevy Silverado 2500 LT Crew cab


with a 7:3 ratio GM to ford, not too bad IMO

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I've only had a couple cars in my short 9 yr driving career...but it's not too bad for being 25...


1.1985 Jeep Cherokee(sweet little rock crawler)

2.1978 Chevy 4x4 pu

3.1965 Malibu SS

4.1996 Chevy Blazer 4x4

5.2005 Silv SS(my first new car)


And for a short period, a 1985' HMMVEE with 286K on it... I ran over 2 landmines and it kept on going for my deployment in the gulf.... :flag: It served it's Corps and County well :flag:

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1st car...94 Chrysler Concorde (dad bought it for me) It was a POS. 11K car, had it for 2 years, 4K to keep it on the road in running condition (not including oil changes, gas and tires)

2nd-2000 Silverado LT, ext cab, 4x4. Then the SS came out...

3rd-03 SS......became a lemon....soon

4th-05 SS



And I am 22yo.

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Well I've owned a couple of vehicles in my day. Oh I just turned 31 last week. In no particular order:

74 VW Bug,

79 Mustang (4 banger),

82 VW Scirracoo,

84 VW Scirracco(may be spelled wrong),

84 Audi Quattro

84 Escort wagon,

82 Mustang GT,

79 Mustang Pace Car 4cyl Turbo,

84 Mustang GT

84 Escort 4dr

69 Pontiac Firebird,

91 Ford F-150,

96 Chevy S-10 (bought new)

98 Chevy Silverado 1500 (new),

00 Chevy Blazer(new),

94 Chevy Tahoe

85 Subaru Brat,

82 Chevy El Camino,

91 Honda Civic SI,

91 Chevy Blazer

89 Chevy Blazer 4WD,

93 Chevy Blazer 4WD;

And now own my 04 SS, still have the brat and the 85 Firebird. :D

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1962 Chevrolet BelAir 2dr ht.

1963 Pontiac Gran Prix

1967 Camaro SS/RS

1973 Dodge Charger 340 Magnum

1968 Camaro Z-28

1978 Camaro Z-28

1980 Camaro Z-28

1967 Camaro SS/RS

1975 Chevrolet P/U 4X4

1988 Chevrolet Caprice

1993 Chevrolet Lumina Z-34

1996 Chevrolet Tahoe

1996 Chevrolet Cavalier Z-24

2003 Chevrolet Cavalier LS

2003 Silverado SS <--Still have, my truck.

2001 Chevrolet Impala LS <--Still have, wife's car.


And I'm a half century old.

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Hey aspen, I see you put down 05 SS as your last ride, whats goin on with your 03 SS now, was it declared a lemon because of the whole battery thing?  Or you still dealin with all that crap?


Still dealing w/ that crap. :banghead: Going to get a new battery tomorrow AM. I have to jump start it every where I go. Not to mention every time I turn it off everything completely dies. And I have to lock and unlock with me key! :mad: I know the techs are going to laugh tomorrow b/c I wrote on my back windshield "9 batteries....still NO settlement. Thanks GM. Like a rock baby!" Funny stuff. Plus I am turning it off when I get there so they can jump start the POS and see what I have to put up with. Can you tell I am pissed? At least the the truck is getting publicity and everyone knows it does not work!!! Still getting an 05 no matter what. With the sunroof of course! :)

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1989 Toyota 4x4 Pickup

1998 Eclipse (traded for Maxima)

2000 Chevy Silverado Z71 (traded for SS)

2001 Nissan Maxima Anniversary Edition (still have)

2003 Silverado SS (still have)

2004 Infiniti G35 (still have)


24 years old

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1980 Audi 4000s first car (still have)

1984 Cadillac Fleetwood brougham (still have)

1985 BMW 635 CSI (broke down)

1986 Buick Grand National

1987 Chevrolet Camaro IROC-Z (stolen)

1994 Chevrolet Corvette (traded on 97 vette)

1995 Ford F150 (sold)

1996 Dodge Ram 1500 (traded in on navigator)

1997 Chevrolet Silverado Z71 (sold)

1997 Chevrolet Corvette (traded on Z06)

1970 Dodge Charger 440-6 (sold)

1998 Lincoln Navigator (traded on BMW m5)

1999 Mercedes Benz S600 (still have)

2000 BMW M5 (sold)

2002 Cadillac Escalade (traded on 04)

2003 Silverado SS red (traded on S8)

2003 Audi S8 (still have)

2003 Chevrolet Corvette ZO6 (still have)

2003 Chevrolet Silverado 2500 HD 8.1 (stolen :banghead: )

2004 Cadillac Escalade (still have)

2003 Jaguar XJR (stolen :banghead: )

2004 Silverado SS blue (still have)

1997 Chevrolet tahoe project 502 (Still have)

2005 BMW X5 4.8IS Supercharged (just bought)


26 years old

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hey ChevySSandChevy8.1, I have been meaning to ask you if you ever figured out how they stole the 8.1. I remember you saying that the 8.1 and the jag were stolen the same day from your driveway.

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36 years old.


1. 1967 Chevrolet Malibu

2. 1979 Honda Accord Hatchback

3. 1976 GMC Rally STX Van

4. 1980 Honda Accord Sedan

5. 1969 MGB

6. 1982 GMC Rally STX Van

7. 1987 Honda XL250R

8. 1985 Honda XR600R

8. 1999 Honda CBR600F4

9. 1996 Kawasaki KDX200

10. 1971 Yamaha HT90

11. 1979 Pontiac Grand Prix

12. 2000 Chevrolet S-10

13. 2001 Suzuki RM250

14. 2004 KTM 200SX

15. 2004 CBR 1000RR

16. 2004 Chevrolet Silverado VHO

17. 2005 Honda CRF450R


Since I saw that others had added their motorcycles, I figured I'd add mine.

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