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Dynoing the SS

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A shop just down the street from me just installed a shiny new dyno so I thought I'd go and check it out. After a brief chat with the guys I told them I'd like them to dyno my truck but they'd have to drop the front driveshaft because of the full-time AWD. They hadn't done an SS yet so they put it up on the hoist and had a look. After a this quick look around they were abit puzzled. They couldn't see any easy way to drop the front shaft.


Can anyone offer any information on how I can drop my front shaft for dynoing? :smash:




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Beware that running the SS/Escalade/Denali transfer case on one driveshaft is BRUTALLY hard on it; it will significantly shorten the life of it.


I also have heard of a few transfer cases getting trashed this way on the dyno. Do yourself a favor and drive a little farther to an AWD dyno. Those hyooglies may have done you a favor not spotting the driveshaft fastening bolts.

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Wait a sec...they have a shop worthy of a nice new dyno and they cant see that theres four bolts that keep the ds in place? Im not a mechanic by a long shot by I figured that one out.


ps-are the 2006's out already?


:crackup::crackup: thats what I was thinking.


4 bolts and take the boot off the other end. that's it. just like most other driveshafts.


as far as taking them out, Ive done it 3 times for about 10 dyno runs and had ABSOLUTELY NO PROBLEMS with my transfer case. dyno'd at 500, 20k and 30k miles. truck now has over 50,000 on it and NO PROBLEMS.

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I would be careful, there have been good and bad stories of people dynoing their trucks here with the front driveshaft removed... If you try it nothing may happen to it, but be prepared for the worst :chevy: Good luck let us know how it works out...

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I don't recall not one single "bad" story, on here or on a SS, from removing the front driveshaft for "dyno purpose only." There have been one or two from screwing around, but not from dyno pulls. Did I miss one somewhere?

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